Earlwood Dual Season Fleece Lined Rug


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This rug is being released on pre-order as it's already gaining a lot of attention.

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The revolutionary new FLEECE LINED DUAL SEASON RUG from EARLWOOD EQUINE! Ripstop (60% cotton/40% polyester) on the outside, fleece on the inside - the COMBINATION of 2 rugs into one WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

Now all you need to do is throw on a doona/waterproof at night, (depending on your horse's environment) and you're done! It will be more comfortable for your horse than multiple rugs, and save you precious time rugging, with only one rug to handle, one set of leg straps and one strong, PVC chest strap.

This rug has satin lined shoulders, a large tail flap (with tail bag attachment already stitched on), and generous shoulder gussets. No more sawdust or grass stuck to the fleece, the comfortable cotton based outer layer will keep the fleece lining clean. All the vital areas of the horse's back and loins etc are kept warm by the fleece, and the renowned fit of an Earlwood rug means no movement.

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